UFF-DA Match Game

The UFF-DA Match Game 

This is a competitive educational number matching game for ages 4 and up. It promotes verbal/visual number recognition and matching skills using the 55 card UFF-DA deck with colored numbers 0 through 9. The deck has 10 potential matches for each card, increasing the players chances of discovering a match. 

All of the UFF-DA family of games promote personal interactions with

Friendly Face to Face Family Fun”

using the characteristic verbal expressions “UFF-DA!” and “Next”. 

When a match is discovered, the player gleefully declares “UFF-DA!” (the signature name of the game) and then places the matched cards into their stack increasing their chances of winning the game.

The card stealing penalty is optional, for young players that may be negatively affected by losing the cards if they forget to say UFF-DA, i.e. rules 5-8 are omitted.

The UFF-DA Match Game expands the educational application of the UFF-DA card deck by teaching verbal/visual number recognition matching skills and encouraging personal interactions.


  1. Shuffle the deck and place the 55 cards face down in rows and columns on the table.
  2. The first player turns-over a card and announces the two numbers out loud.
  3. The same player then turns-over a second card and announces the two numbers out loud.
  4. If a match is detected, the player says “UFF-DA!”, and places the cards in their stack and continues to play.
  5. Failure to say UFF-DA, before placing the cards in their stack, may result in an UFF-DA penalty.
  6. Say UFF-DA, out loud to catch the penalty and steal the 2 cards from the forgetful player.
  7. Catching the UFF-DA penalty ends the caught players turn.
  8. The UFF-DA penalty must be caught before another game card is turned over on the board, to be enforced.
  9. If the 2 cards do not have a matching numbers, the cards are returned to the board and the player says ”NEXT”.  
  10. The next player turns over two cards in the same way and continues the game play.
  11. When all the game cards on the table are matched each player counts their cards.
  12. The player with the most matched cards wins the “UFF-DA Math Game”.
  13. A card count tie, goes to the player with the highest card in their stack.

This number matching game expands the educational value of the UFF-DA card deck. It promotes a player’s number recognition skills and increases the overall educational value of the UFF-DA card game.